Marketing Lead
Full Time


Position title: Marketing Lead
Date posted: 2024-07-08
Application deadline: 2024-7-19
Location: At our Calgary office or hybrid
Position type: Full-time & permanent
Schedule: Flexible, with expected availability during 9-5 MT
Contact: [email protected]

About Highwood

Are you ready to make a difference? At Highwood, our mission is to deliver the oil & gas industry’s premier solutions for accurate methane inventories that enable real, transparent, and provable emission reductions.

We believe that working alongside proactive oil & gas companies to understand and lower carbon emissions is key to achieving meaningful and permanent change.

Our team works on the cutting edge of decarbonizing the world’s energy systems. Launched in September 2020, we are a new and dynamic company with massive potential. We pride ourselves on having a strong culture of respect, fun, continuous learning, and hard work. Working at Highwood is not easy – but it can be incredibly rewarding. Join us as we endeavour to overcome some of the world’s biggest challenges and help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Highwood Emissions Management (Highwood) is an equal opportunity employer working to enable diversity in the workforce. We welcome all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. We also value diversity of worldview, experience, and perspective.


Your Mission

As the Marketing Lead, you will lead the strategy and execution on all marketing and sales related content at Highwood. Reporting directly to Highwood’s CEO, here’s what you’ll accomplish in your first 180 days of work:

  • Develop Strategic Marketing Plans: Create comprehensive marketing strategies. Coordinate the production of assets, plan and execute effective marketing campaigns.
  • Implement Marketing Metrics: Establish marketing metrics and use them to track and measure the success of sales and marketing efforts.
  • Enhance Marketing Strategies: Evaluate product performance metrics, customer feedback, and market data to refine marketing strategies and drive product development initiatives.
  • Support the Sales Team: Collaborate closely with the sales team, providing them with essential tools and training to effectively sell Highwood services.
  • Lead Content Development: Support or lead the creation of content for executing marketing strategies.
  • Develop Sales Collateral: Work with Sales and Founders to create sales materials such as presentation templates, one-pagers, and product brochures, based on the Ideal Client Profile (ICP), Buyer Journey, and Messaging Framework.
  • Revise and Relaunch Website: Lead the update and relaunch of Highwood’s website in alignment with the ICP, Buyer Journey, and Messaging Framework.
  • Evolve Marketing Frameworks: Continuously improve Highwood’s ICP(s), Buyer Journey(s), and Messaging Framework based on insights from new clients who have found significant value in our services.
  • Manage Communications: Develop scalable processes to manage all external company communications, including the Company Newsletter and LinkedIn page.
  • Create Effective Collateral: Develop marketing and sales collateral, such as case studies, to effectively upsell and cross-sell Highwood’s consulting clients into our software products.


The Benefits

At Highwood, we are committed to the physical and mental health of our employees and of their families. Here are some of the reasons why our employees love it here:

  • Our benefits package is among the best. Each year it includes $1,500 in dental coverage and more for prescription drugs, vision, massage, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and much more.
  • Our benefits package includes your spouse and all children
  • We offer $5,000/year to help cover non-essential educational pursuits of your choice
  • We have an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • We encourage employees to take breaks – especially vacation


About You

Here are some of the things we’re looking for. Note that we don’t expect you to have all of these qualifications, experiences, and/or skills. We often choose to train someone with the right attitude over hiring the wrong person with the right skills.

  • Proven experience writing compelling marketing (including websites and Linked In content) and sales collateral (including presentations, brochures, case studies, etc) for oil & gas-related software products and services to accelerate sales.
  • Proven experience crafting and executing education-related marketing strategies (preferably in the oil & gas space) that add value for prospects and drive inbound pipeline
  • Proven experience crafting and executing thought-leadership strategies (preferably in the oil & gas space) that add value to prospects and drive inbound pipeline
  • Proven experience creating and evolving ICPs, Buyer Journeys, Messaging Frameworks based on new data – and doing so in a collaborative way that secures buy-in from stakeholders
  • A mature self-starter who can operate independently, but also knows when and how to collaborate with Product, Sales and Senior Leadership
  • A large network of sales and marketing professionals that can be leveraged, as required
  • Ability to maintain strong relationships with external vendors and customers
  • Proven experience managing multiple projects across cross-disciplinary teams
  • Ability to learn quickly, adapt and innovate in a constantly changing world
  • Eager to learn and grow with a company. Although this role has no direct reports, growth in this area or increasing opportunities is an exciting prospect.


Team Promise

Highwood’s promise to staff and contractors is to:
  • Treat you with respect, fairness, and honesty.
  • Give you a voice. We will encourage you to question the way we do things, and we will empower you to speak your mind.
  • Understand your goals, insomuch as you are willing to share, and work to help you achieve them.
  • Support your growth, promote you, and provide opportunities to expand your network and foster your professional identity.
  • Appreciate, recognize, and reward your contributions and wins.
  • Make time to have fun and celebrate success.
  • Foster an environment that encourages you to share your concerns, no matter how small they might seem.


Your promise to Highwood is to:
  • Treat others with respect, value their contributions, and lift them up, even when they fail. You never know how others might be struggling.
  • Be patient with yourself. We work on unsolved challenges. We expect mistakes and see them as learning opportunities.
  • Strive to continually learn and grow professionally and personally, regardless of where you started and where you might end up.
  • Embrace innovation and change – there is no destination.
  • Do your best – only you know what that means. Set boundaries and respect them. Take a break when you need it.


How to Apply

Please send a single pdf of your Resume/CV and cover letter by email to [email protected].

The document naming should follow the format: LastName_FirstName_Marketing_Lead.pdf

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you for your interest!

To apply for this job, email your CV or resume with cover letter to