Keegan Shaw

Data Scientist

Keegan Shaw is a Data Analyst and Software Developer with Highwood Emissions Management. He has worked +5 years with Industrial control and SCADA systems, and has +3 years’ experience as a geospatial software developer. He brings experience from a variety of industries such as oil and gas, renewable power generation, telecommunications, tech R&D, and commercial manufacturing.  He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, and a Masters in GIS from the University of Calgary.

Everyone is a Data Analyst. We all make timelines, and spreadsheets, and outlines, and count with our fingers or toes. But sometimes these methods of investigating, understanding, and communicating data are just not good enough for understanding complicated real-world problems. Data science has emerged to provide a technical bridge between customers and their data but is not without its own challenges, from buzzwords like AI to modelling bias. What differentiates Keegan as a Data Analyst is his background in STEM and research, his software dev skills, knowledge of current data science, and his ability to quickly understand and unravel customer challenges.

At Highwood, Keegan focuses on methods leak detection and repair (LDAR), which has no shortage of data challenges. He enjoys using his software and data analytics skills to advocate for sustainable work practices and environmental policies. Through modelling, data visualization, and technical reports, Keegan has helped customers better understand their LDAR programs or methods of deployment, whether it be a new leak detection technology, or entire midstream oil and gas infrastructure.

Keegan is an outdoor enthusiast where he enjoys mountain biking, trail-running, rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies. He is also an avid guitar / banjo player and can often be found playing with friends or at open-mics throughout the city of Calgary.

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A growing number of voluntary emissions reduction initiatives exist for companies that want to demonstrate leadership to investors, end users, and the public. But the space is noisy; how initiatives compare, and the benefits of participation remain unclear. To shed light on these matters, Highwood has published this report.