Technology & Innovation

Technology inventors and developers often have great products but require additional knowledge and skills to move from a laboratory setting or prototype to field deployment and commercial uptake. Innovators may face a broad range of barriers to deployment. Success requires a combination of skill and opportunity; innovators new to industry often need help making connections and finding ways to prove their potential.

Highwood works closely with innovators to help them realize the success of their products. We use simulated environments to help clients understand how to improve technology design, and what facilities, companies, jurisdictions, and environments are best suited for their product. 

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Technology modeling in LDAR-Sim
  • Regulatory approvals of new LDAR technologies
  • Establishing performance metrics
  • Controlled release testing and field pilot support
  • Work practice optimization
  • Deployment logistics

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Download the 2021 Voluntary Initiatives Report

A growing number of voluntary emissions reduction initiatives exist for companies that want to demonstrate leadership to investors, end users, and the public. But the space is noisy; how initiatives compare, and the benefits of participation remain unclear. To shed light on these matters, Highwood has published this report.