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We’ve accessed over $39 million in funding for our clients.

Emission Reduction Solutions

We offer integrated greenhouse
gas emissions management

Decarbonizing the energy sector with low cost solutions


Revealing the pathway to your targets with data-driven strategy.

Abatement project

Custom marginal abatement cost curves optimized for your assets.

sourced gas

Managing differentiated gas certifications and voluntary initiatives.

Regulatory and
ESG reporting

Inventory development, emissions quantification, and disclosure.

Technology modeling
and approvals

LDAR-Sim, Alternative LDAR, Alt-FEMP, AMEL, AIMM, and more.

Financing and carbon

Fund projects, take credit, and profit from your emissions reductions.

Let’s work together on your emissions management and technology challenges.

Our public reports are a wealth of free emissions management knowledge

Our projects display the challenges we solve with our diverse clients

GTI Energy
Highwood is the Technical Director of Veritas, a GTI Energy Differentiated Gas Measurement and Verification Initiative, which is developing methodologies for measurement informed emissions intensity
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MiQ Methane Intelligence
Highwood used LDAR-Sim to evaluate methane detection technologies and inform the MiQ Standard
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Integrated Sustainability
Highwood partnered with Integrated Sustainability to complete full-service ESG reporting for Crew Energy.
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Qube Technologies
Highwood helped Qube and Enhance achieve the world's first Alt-FEMP for continuous monitoring of fugitive methane.
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Sharing innovation

Learning is part of growing. Highwood is committed to building public tools that keep everyone on the same page.

How much
gas is that?

Is that a big leak? Understand and easily convert natural gas and methane leak rates for free.


Predict emission reductions and cost effectiveness of methane detection and quantification technologies.

The Highwood Bulletin is our way of sharing what we learn

Research Digest 005

This month’s Research Digest in the Highwood Bulletin features new research on methane emissions from the Permian Basin, a new open-source tool for estimating methane emissions at fine temporal scales, research on the use of flare gas for power generation, a new explanation for annual methane variability, and newly published controlled release testing.

Research Digest 004

This month’s Research Digest features a series of recent peer-reviewed studies focused on exploring common discrepancies between bottom-up inventories and top-down measurements.

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Let’s work together on your emissions management and technology challenges.

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