About Highwood

Highwood Emissions Management Inc. is based in Calgary, Alberta.

We draw inspiration from the iconic Highwood Pass in Kananaskis, the highest paved road in Canada and one of the most beautiful places in the world. On Calgary’s doorstep, the Highwood Pass brings together people and nature. In the summer, people from around the world come to experience spectacular landscapes, Bighorn sheep, deciduous conifers, and rare wildflowers. In the winter, the pass is closed to protect wildlife. In this way, Highwood represents the necessary balance between benefiting from our environment while caring for it. We take pride in helping diverse stakeholders to expertly navigate this balance.

Core values

People first
We grow and nurture an inclusive and diverse Highwood community of high performing experts.

Enduring relationships
We foster long-lasting partnerships with clients and collaborators.

Thought leadership
We work on the cutting edge and share our learnings with the world.

Thinking big
We are systems thinkers who adapt to change and entertain the impossible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to collaborate, innovate, and educate our way to a world with effective and affordable emissions management solutions.

Meet the
Highwood team

Jessica Shumlich
Chief Executive Officer

Drive performance of the Highwood team to deliver holistic GHG emissions management and support global decarbonization.

Thomas Fox

Building an integrated vision for emissions data measurement, management, and utilization.

Keegan Shaw
Sr. Data Scientist

Allow clients to understand their LDAR programs through data analytics and customized modelling software solutions.

Maddy Strange
Reconciliation Technologist

Working with clients to reconcilate diverse sources of top-down and bottom-up methane emissions data.

Brendan Moorhouse
Fugitive Emissions Lead

Guiding the fugitive emissions consulting team to help clients eliminate methane leakage with the world's best technologies.

Nick Shaw
Chief Technology Officer

Building innovative solutions to help clients understand, manage, and ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Chelsea Goral
Strategic Advisory Lead

Supporting our teams and clients to find solutions and maximize value in the rapidly changing emissions management landscape.

Varun Dhara
Emissions Engineer

Quantifying GHG emissions to identify strategies, scenarios, and pathways to achieve GHG emission reduction targets

Antonio Monisit
Differentiated Gas Technologist

Helping oil and gas clients navigate the complex world of voluntary emissions reduction initiatives.

Barb Telford
Executive Assistant

Keeping things running behind the scenes by providing human resources, office management and accounting support.

Bruna Goes Palma
Fugitive Emissions Technologist

Helping clients navigate regulatory approvals, LDAR-Sim modeling, and fugitive emissions data utilization.

Chris Nixon
Greenhouse Gas Scientist

Helping clients sift through details by providing technical analysis and summarization.

Paul Ashford
Vice President of Consulting

Aiding clients to chart and implement their carbon reduction journeys, and guiding them to achieve their GHG goals, achieve stakeholder recognition for their achievements, and preserve economic value.

Sally Jang
Junior Developer / Data Scientist

Highwood's LDAR-Sim expert providing fugitive emissions data science and software solutions.

Larry Shumlich
Development Manager

Building best in class software solutions to help clients address their emissions management challenges

Douglas Dougan

Connecting the vision to the practical implementation by building and enhancing our product

Nathan Hopfe

Connecting the vision to the practical implementation by building and enhancing our product

Nicholas Fane
Director of Revenue

Finding product and industry fit, and amplifying access to Highwood's solutions

Phil Tomlinson
Emissions Engineer

Helping clients quantify their GHG emissions and develop cost effective emissions reductions plans

Krystina Edwards
Product Owner

Ensuring that Highwood products are solving industries problems

Thomas Galesloot
Junior Developer / Data Scientist

Building and enhancing fugitive emissions data science and software solutions.

Katherine Elona
Emissions Engineer-in-Training

Helping clients with their regulatory and voluntary emissions quantification and reporting

Nick Bosman
Emissions Engineer-in-Training

Quantifying GHG emissions and modelling emission reduction scenarios based on client needs

Jeff Rutherford
Director of Research and Development

Ensuring Highwood’s products and services remain on the cutting edge of scientific insight in GHG emissions management


Molly Reyes
Director of Market Development

Partnering with the US emissions ecosystem to create fit for purpose solutions


Matt Cameron
Senior Software Developer

Architecting software solutions to provide meaningful insights to clients on their GHG emissions.


Heather Isidoro
Senior Consultant – Voluntary Initiatives

Helping clients navigate the world of Voluntary Initiatives to demonstrate excellence in emissions management, meet GHG goals, and achieve stakeholder recognition for their efforts.

Let’s work together on your emissions management and technology challenges.


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