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The Methane Quantification Debate is a False Dichotomy and a Distraction

Introducing the Quantification Debate There is a debate raging in methane. A debate about the value of methane quantification. In the red corner, you have the quant-heads. Those designing, promoting, and implementing an emerging cacophony of company-specific quantification protocols and standards, often called “measurement-informed inventories”. They are obsessed with pinning down an ever-elusive truth, to multiple decimal places, at any cost. In the blue

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Emissions Management: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once!

Thomas Fox, President and Director of Innovation, was featured on the Veriten C.O.B. Tuesday Webinar. His session covered all things emissions: past present and future and we’ve highlighted key takeaways below, because we know you are a busy professional who has a stack of “simple” questions to get through!

The Highwood Bulletin 059

This week’s Highwood Bulletin features the new IPCC report, new industrial emissions regulations in Australia, new members joining OGMP 2.0, Highwood’s CERAWeek talk on video, an overview of new methane rules in the US and EU, conferences, careers, and more. Thanks as always for reading!

Highwood Glossary

Introducing Highwood Emissions Management is pleased to introduce The Highwood Glossary.

Research Digest 008

In this month’s Research Digest, we catch you up on the latest peer-reviewed research in oil and natural gas (O&G) emissions science, including a Baltic Sea ultra-emitting event, methane-slip contributions, aerial measurement analysis, certified gas programs, UK under-reporting, and more!

The Highwood Bulletin 056

This week’s Highwood Bulletin features an upcoming Veritas launch webinar, last chance to register for methane technology course this week, a new podcast episode on the EPA supplemental rule, a new CO2 satellite, an emissions survey for charity, research on offshore and Permian emissions, a blog about inventories, career opportunities, and much more!

The Importance of an Emissions Inventory

The first step towards managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is understanding where they’re coming from, and how much there are. Do you know where your emissions come from?

Let’s work together on your emissions management and technology challenges.

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