Simulated methane leak management

What it is?

The Leak Detection and Repair Simulator (LDAR-Sim) is a virtual world that predicts emissions mitigation and cost-effectiveness of different LDAR programs.

Who uses LDAR-Sim?

Industry to optimize detection and quantification technology deployment

Regulators to evaluate policy and inform compliance assurance strategy

Innovators to get regulatory approval and understand product-market fit

Academics to build the next generation of methane monitoring solutions


MiQ Methane Intelligence
Highwood used LDAR-Sim to evaluate methane detection technologies and inform the MiQ Standard
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Qube Technologies
Highwood helped Qube and Enhance achieve the world's first Alt-FEMP for continuous monitoring of fugitive methane.
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GTI Energy
We worked with GTI Energy to publish a report analyzing real-world methane detection and quantification data.
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