Leading Solutions

Net-zero roadmapping

Revealing the pathway to your targets with data-driven strategy.

Strategic planning
Our expert consultants know emissions and the O&G industry inside and out.

Reduction pathways
We'll build you a roadmap to net zero that considers all the right opportunities and risks.

Abatement project optimization

Custom marginal abatement cost curves optimized for your assets.

Custom MACCs
Sophisticated abatement project optimization and data utilization software.

Carbon playbook
Stay updated on the latest regulations, incentives, and voluntary initiatives.

Responsibly sourced gas

Managing differentiated gas certifications and voluntary initiatives.

Product certification
Identify the right opportunities to demonstrate low-carbon energy and take credit for emissions reductions

Readiness checks
We'll tell you if you're ready for certification, what grade you'll get, and help you manage different initiatives.

Regulatory and ESG reporting

Inventory development, emissions quantification, and disclosure.

We'll take any provincial, state, or federal regulatory reporting off your hands to help keep you compliant.

ESG reporting
OGMP 2.0, GRI, SASB, TCFD, or full-service ESG program management.

Technology modeling and approvals

LDAR-Sim, Alternative LDAR, Alt-FEMP, AMEL, AIMM, and more.

Program design
Identify optimal technologies and work practices of your assets, budget, and reduction targets.

Regulatory approvals
Demonstrate equivalence and get alternative LDAR programs (i.e., Alt-FEMPs) approved by regulators.

Financing and carbon markets

Fund projects, take credit, and profit from your emissions reductions.

Funding evaluation
Holistic analysis of funding or carbon offset opportunities and project scenario analysis.

Project execution
Funding development and grant submissions, offset project dev and management.

Let’s work together on your emissions management and technology challenges.


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