Leak Detection Methods
For Natural Gas Gathering

January 12, 2022 Report

Learn how to detect leaks from gathering, transmission, and distribution pipelines.

Methane emissions from pipelines are increasingly of interest to industry, regulators, and end users as they seek to understand the carbon intensity of natural gas across the supply chain. In recent years, there has been significant innovation in methane detection technology for detecting and quantifying methane emissions from gathering, transmission, and distribution pipelines. In this free report, Highwood Emissions Management provides an overview of commercially available methods for detecting natural gas leaks from pipelines. We cover both legacy methods, such as visual surveys and handheld instruments, as well as a range of new, commercially available advanced solutions, such as drones, aircraft, and satellites. Download the free report by clicking on the image below and connect with Highwood for more information on how to take advantage of the right pipeline monitoring technologies.

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