GTI Energy

Applied Methane Technology Evaluation

We worked with GTI Energy to publish a report analyzing real-world methane detection and quantification data.

Working with Highwood on GTI Energy’s Methane Detection Technology Evaluation project demonstrated their expert knowledge in the space of methane emissions. They have a unique ability to apply cutting-edge technology to solve real challenges and collaborate with us as GTI Energy is developing, validating, and integrating technologies and serving as a proving ground to operationalize methane emission technology solutions at scale.


Shannon Katcher

Executive Director, Digitalization and Data

Field data from a number of O&G companies was provided and used to simulate anticipated emissions reductions and cost of mitigation for different technology classes. Results suggest that all technologies can achieve cost-effective mitigation. Access the free report here.

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Methane measurements analyzed from diverse solutions

42 - 82%

Range of mitigation achieved by different technologies

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