Build and maintain a world class inventory to understand your emissions profile.

Managing greenhouse gas emissions is becoming increasingly complex for O&G companies.

Rapidly evolving technologies, regulations, voluntary standards, and stakeholder expectations mean that spreadsheets are no longer efficient and reliable. The massive quantity and diversity of emerging data, combined with more stringent auditing requirements, means that data platforms must be efficient and must mitigate human error. Now, more than ever, companies need to clearly understand where their emission are coming from, and track diverse emission types and sources in a standardized, credible, and reliable platform.

That platform is Emissions Insights.

Emissions Insights can also be used for regulatory reporting, to initiate projects with our experts to evaluate reduction opportunities, and to understand reconciliation with measured data.

Emissions Insights allows companies to

Emissions Inventory Management

Intuitive User Interface (UI)

Emissions Insights provides an intuitive UI that allows for easy data entry, and bulk data uploading.

Smart Data Sorting and Categorization

Your inventory and emissions data are organized in an easily navigable format, allowing for direct editing within the UI. 

Inventory Tracking

Track changes and keep a log of your emissions inventory over time. 

Comprehensive Change Log for Auditability

Access a change log for auditability of inventory over time. 

Emissions Profile and History

Clearly Understand Emissions Portfolios

Gain valuable insights into your current emissions portfolio with visual summaries, providing a comprehensive overview of your environmental impact.

Compare EPA and Engineering Estimates

Create emissions estimates determined using EPA or engineering quantification methods, allowing you to adjust methodology without duplicating your inventory.

Track Reductions Over Time

Monitor your emissions reduction progress by comparing historical changes, empowering you to stay on track with your sustainability goals.

Analyze Methane and GHG Intensity Impact

Assess the impact of inventory changes on methane and GHG intensity, helping you fine-tune your reduction strategies. 

Data Consistency Made Easy

Data Collection Guidance

An import template guides you through the data collection process, ensuring data consistency and completeness. 

Exportable Data for Operational Use

Export data in easy-to-manipulate formats to support other business operations, streamlining your overall emissions management processes.

Intelligent Defaults for Data Gaps

Benefit from user-editable, intelligent defaults to consistently fill any data gaps, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Streamline Reporting

Consistent and easy to manipulate data allows for the development of efficient, repeatable reporting at company, asset, or customized levels of granularity.

Why is inventory
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How do I get more information?

If this is something that your business is interested in pursuing, we would be happy to set up a no obligation chat to explore the project and provide more information about pricing. Please reach out to [email protected] or submit a form on our contact page.