Whether you are thinking about OGMP 2.0, or already committed, Highwood helps you plan your path to Gold with confidence.

OGMP 2.0 is the United Nations Environment Programme’s flagship oil and gas reporting and mitigation programme. As the most comprehensive global methane framework available, OGMP has seen record growth and adoption, growing 86% from 2022-2023.

Tied to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, OGMP 2.0 provides global credibility on improving the accuracy and transparency of methane emissions reporting. Several aspects set OGMP 2.0 apart, including:


Highwood's OGMP 2.0 Services Suite can set you up on the right path from the start, as well as help you through the annual performance cycle.

OGMP preparedness review

For companies just signing up or considering OGMP 2.0, Highwood can help with your OGMP 2.0 Preparedness Review.

Step 01.
Identify and Map Commitment Targets

We work with you to establish corporate intensity and absolute emissions targets and outline a trajectory and timeline from your status to the compliance levels you want to achieve.

Step 02.
Methodology & Level Reporting Review

We will assess where you are today and review the best practices for procedure, data collection and record keeping required for OGMP 2.0. We will make recommendations to ensure you meet those requirements.

Step 03.
Inventory Assurance Review

We assess your existing inventory to understand your current inventory, protocols and methodologies, use of measurement data, and identify any compliance gaps.

Step 04.

We know how to break down that guidance into defined steps for you to move forward. We can take your commitment targets and incorporate inventory, technology and measurement plans for you to execute.

Implementation support

OGMP 2.0 requires continuous improvement. Highwood can help you develop and deploy a iterative annual strategy to achieve your targets efficiently and effectively.

Step 05.
Build-out Inventory

We will ensure your emissions inventory is robust, compliant, and establishes the proper framework for incorporating measurement.

Step 06.
Advanced Technology Simulation

We don’t just use LDAR-Sim, we created, so have the expertise to help you deploy the right technology strategy. We have the most current information on available technology and the applicability across the industry.

Step 07.
Implementation, Analysis, Reconciliation

We help get stakeholders at your company on the same page and manage the data reconciliation process to ensure your results are credible, defensible, and compliant.

Step 08.