The Highwood Bulletin 011

This week, the Highwood Bulletin features “carbon negative” Alberta producers, a ~$9 Trillion climate stick, a bright future for EU ETS, downgrading of O&G credit ratings, methane emissions from Mexico, Microsoft’s offset spending, and local software company Clairifi in the news.

The Highwood Bulletin 008

Our first 2021 issue of the Highwood Bulletin features methane regulations, the European Green Deal, measurement metrics, Biden’s $2 trillion climate plan, big leaks going unaccounted for, research, webinars, and careers.

The Highwood Bulletin 006

Today’s issue of the Highwood Bulletin features LDAR-Sim, a new methane report by Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, federal carbon taxes, challenges for carbon markets, the clean fuel standard, and science demonstrating methane monitoring by satellite.