The Highwood Bulletin 015

This week’s issue of the Highwood Bulletin features Canada’s federal offset regulations, satellites tracking pipeline emissions in Russia, emissions reduction funding for B.C. industry, methane emissions from drainage ditches, and more.

Proposed Federal Offset Program Revealed

Environment and Climate Change Canada has unveiled proposed regulations to govern Canada’s federal carbon offset system. If you intend to comment on the proposed rule, you have until May 5th. The final regulations are anticipated in the fall. Read the proposed regulations and submit your comments here.

Copernicus Sentinel-5P Satellite Now Tracking Gas Pipeline Emissions

For the first time, methane emissions along gas pipelines around the world – including Russia, Kazakhstan, and the U.S. – are being tracked by satellite. Data from the European Space Agency and analytics from Kayrros have identified hundreds of emission events, with as many as 33 events of up to 291 tonnes per hour from a single pipeline. Read more and see some of the data here.

B.C. Launches Funding Programs for Emissions Reductions

On March 3rd, British Columbia launched two new funding programs for projects that will reduce industrial emissions in the Province. The two programs, called “Emissions Performance” and “Innovation Accelerator”, will help industry to deploy commercially available technologies and pilot or trial pre-commercial solutions. Learn more here or contact Highwood for more information or for help applying.

Alberta Producer Suspended by Regulator for Non-Compliance

With Alberta’s new methane regulations, many have been asking what the consequences of noncompliance might be. Last week, the Alberta Energy Regulator demonstrated that it takes compliance seriously. SanLing Energy, an Alberta O&G company with > 2000 wells and > 200 facilities was suspended by the AER for several offences, including failure to plug expired wells and perform remediations.  Read more here.

Project Falcon, Collaborative Methane Reduction Program, Launched in U.S.

Project Falcon is a new collaborative initiative with Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell, and others that will evaluate and improve a continuous methane measurement system designed by Scientific Aviation. Results from testing the SOOFIE system will be published in a peer-reviewed journal. Read more here.

Research: Drainage Ditches Revealed as an Important Source of Methane

A new study by researchers around the world has found that drainage ditches, of which there are millions of kilometers around the world, are a significant source of methane. Contributing as much as 3% of global anthropogenic methane emissions, drainage ditches should not be overlooked. Authors of the study suggest that this source should be included in national inventories. Read the study here.

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