The Highwood Bulletin 019

Happy Easter holiday! We took it easy on the bulletin this week, but still wanted to share a few important developments in the emissions management space. This week’s issue of the Highwood Bulletin features a report on executive pay and ESG performance, methane in The Economist, new research on aerial gas-mapping LiDAR, a webinar by The Energy Forum, and new opportunities to join the Highwood Team!

Highwood is hiring!

We’re growing and looking to welcome two motivated, positive, and forward-looking members to our team. Highwood is seeking an Emissions Analyst and a Data Scientist. Check out the posting to learn more.

Report: Linking Executive Pay to ESG Performance Increasingly Common

A new report has found that 45 out of the United Kingdom’s largest 100 companies link executive pay to ESG measures through bonuses or long-term incentive plans. For these companies, an average of 15-19% of executive pay is motivated by ESG. However, only about 11% Europe’s top companies include CO2 emission as part of their criteria, compared to only 2% of S&P 500 companies do the same. Read more here.

The Economist: Now is the Time to Act on Methane

When The Economist publishes a long feature on methane emissions, you know it’s a hot topic. Check out their recent article that provides an in-depth and insightful overview of global methane emissions from all sources, plus ideas for how to deal with them in the short term.

Highwood CEO Featured in “Sparking Action” Podcast

Don’t miss Highwood Emission Management’s Jessica Shumlich’s recent appearance in “Sparking Action” with Vera Ilnyckyj. In her interview, Jessica discusses risk, self-acceptance, and work-life balance in the context of starting a new company during a pandemic. Listen here.

Research: Airborne Gas-Mapping LiDAR Performs Well in Blind Testing

Researchers from Carleton University have published a new study of blind controlled release testing of methane emissions detection performance under realistic field condition for the Bridger Photonics airborne Gas Mapping LiDAR system. Results suggest that the airborne LiDAR system has comparable performance to conventional optical gas imagine. Read the study here.

Webinar: Methane Abatement in Oil and Gas: Industry, Policy and Technology Perspectives

Want to learn more about the future of methane reductions from the oil and gas industry? Tune into the free webinar by The Energy Forum on April 8th, 2021 to learn more from diverse experts such as Andrew Gould, Kevin Book, Paola Tello, and moderator Antoine Halff. Register here.

Course: Scope 1 Emissions from the Oil and Gas Industry

Are you an oil and gas professional interested in learning how to inventory, quantify, and report Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions? Need professional development credits? We have just the right course for you, designed and delivered by Highwood Emissions Management CEO Jessica Shumlich. Click here to learn more and to register.

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Download the 2021 Voluntary Initiatives Report

A growing number of voluntary emissions reduction initiatives exist for companies that want to demonstrate leadership to investors, end users, and the public. But the space is noisy; how initiatives compare, and the benefits of participation remain unclear. To shed light on these matters, Highwood has published this report.