Qube Technologies

Enhance Alt-FEMP Approval

Highwood helped Qube and Enhance achieve the world’s first Alt-FEMP for continuous monitoring of fugitive methane.

This approval is the first of its kind and we couldn't have done it without the support from Highwood. They are and continue to be the leading experts in emissions management strategy.

eric wen

Eric Wen

Chief Operating Officer

We designed and prepared an alternative leak detection and repair (LDAR) program for Enhance Energy using Qube’s continuous measurement solution. The program was swiftly approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator.


Est. reduction in fugitive methane emissions from enhance energy facilities


Fewer close-range regulatory handheld surveys required


Days from Alt-FEMP submission to official approval

Qube is a leading developer of low-cost continous emissions monitoring systems. Deployed around the world, Qube helps operators cost-effectively detect, manage, and reduce emissions across the energy value chain.

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