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The Highwood Bulletin is our way of sharing what we learn. We publish regular updates on emissions management news, novel research, and special insights from our team of experts and our partners.


We missed a few weeks of the Highwood Bulletin, so this one is action packed! This week we feature the newest IPCC report, Chevron’s failed CCS project, $675MM in government funding for O&G methane projects, an interview with Highwood’s Thomas Fox on certified gas, new research on methane technologies and LNG life-cycle assessments, a report on helping energy sector workers navigate towards a net zero world, a new article on methane units, an EPA methane technology workshop you don’t want to miss, and a new employment opportunity with Highwood!

IPCC Report: Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis

The IPCC has published the first part of its Sixth Assessment Report. There is little disagreement that the prognosis for the climate is dire: the impacts of climate change are accelerating and becoming increasingly serious. However, if the world remains committed to a net-zero energy future, we can still avoid the worst outcomes. Read the report here.

Chevron Carbon Capture Mega Project is a Failure

A massive $3bn carbon capture and storage project in Australia has been deemed a failure, having captured only ~30% of the 4MM tonnes per year that it was supposed to achieve. Chevron could now be on the hook for more than $100MM if they are required to address the shortfall. Read more here.

Funding Opportunity: Round 3 of NRCan’s $675MM ERF is here!

NRCan has opened a third round of the Emissions Reduction Fund. If you have an emissions reduction project or are looking for potential projects to reduce your emissions, funding is available. Reach out to Highwood to chat through project options, eligibility, or even to perform a comprehensive analysis of what projects fit your particular site needs. Learn more here.

Interview with Thomas Fox: Certifying Responsibly Sourced Gas

Interested in learning more about low carbon certified natural gas? Check out Part 2 of an interview series in which Bridger Photonics interviews Highwood’s Thomas Fox on the topic. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Research: Deployment of Existing Methane Solutions Can Slow Climate Change

A new study led by researchers at the Environmental Defense Fund analyzes how the climate would respond by using existing technologies and solutions to immediately reduce methane emissions. The study finds that underutilized technologies, if deployed, could cut global methane emissions in half in the next ten years and reduce warming by 0.5 °C by the end of the century. Read the study here.

Research: LNG Supply Chain Life Cycle Assessment

A new study shows that using supplier-specific data improves LNG life-cycle assessments when compared to using modeled assumptions and averaged data. Using better data also informs areas for mitigation of GHG emissions. Read the study here.

Report: Helping Fossil Fuel Workers through the Energy Transition

Highwood Emissions Management is featured in a new report by Iron & Earth showing that fossil fuel industry workers are willing to learn new skills to participate in a future net-zero energy system. The poll shows that fossil fuel workers recognize a need to address climate change and want to be given opportunities to participate in the transition. Read the report here.

Education: Understanding Diverse Methane Units

Are you confused by methane mixing ratios, mass flux, volumetric flow rates, and all the different units to describe methane emissions? You’re not alone! For some clarity, check out this great article by Matt Gordon of Kairos Aerospace that features Highwood’s awesome conversion tool, How Much Gas is That?!

Workshop: EPA Methane Measurement Technology: Last Chance to Register

The EPA is currently writing new methane rules for the O&G industry. A major area of interest is what technologies will be allowed for monitoring methane. To explore the topic, the EPA is hosting a free public workshop to better understand how new technologies can be used to reduce methane emissions. Highwood’s Thomas Fox will be giving a 20-minute presentation on LDAR-Sim and how to demonstrate that new technologies can work to reduce methane emissions (followed by a panel discussion). Register here before August 18th!

Conference: CH4 Connections, Colorado, Oct 12-13

Ready for one of the best methane events of the year? This year Highwood is sponsoring CH4 Connections, hosted in Fort Collins by our friends at Gas Technology Institute (GTI). Don’t miss out on this year’s conference! Register here and see you in Colorado.

Join our Team! Highwood is Hiring an Emissions Manager.

Highwood is growing again! If you have experience with GHG emissions quantification and leading teams, and if you want to help us change the world for the better, check out our newest posting!

The Highwood Bulletin is our way of sharing what we learn. We publish regular updates on emissions management news, novel research, and special insights from our team of experts and our partners.

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