The Highwood Bulletin 030

This week’s Highwood Bulletin features the European Green Deal, Canada’s zero-emission car mandate, Scientific Aviation joins ChampionX, global banks launch a new voluntary carbon offset trading platform, Chesapeake to pursue RSG certification, a Q&A on differentiated gas, scope 1-3 greenhouse gas emissions courses, and a methane conference you shouldn’t miss.

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Fit for 55: European Green Deal Plan Announced

European Commission members, who recently committed to emissions reductions of 55% by 2030, have now unveiled their proposed plan on how to get there. The “European Green Deal” will require a higher price on carbon, taxing new fuels, and introducing carbon border adjustments to protect local manufacturers. Read more here.

Canada to Require 100% Zero Emission Vehicle Sales by 2035

The Government of Canada has announced a mandatory effort to ensure that any new light-duty cars and passenger trucks sold from 2035 onwards will have zero emissions. This accelerates the previous target of doing so by 2040. Interim 2025 and 2030 targets will be announced soon. Incentives and investments in infrastructure were also announced to help the transition. Read more here.

ChampionX Acquires Scientific Aviation

ChampionX, a global provider of oilfield services and technologies, has acquired Scientific Aviation, a long-term player in methane emission monitoring that uses aircraft, drones, and continuous measurement. The acquisition signals in interest by ChampionX to increase their emissions management portfolio. Read more here.

Global Voluntary Carbon Market Platform Launched

A new initiative called Project Carbon is being launched by four global banks to enable the buying and selling of voluntary carbon offsets. The platform is emerging amid estimates that voluntary carbon markets could be worth up to $50 billion by 2030. Read more here.

Chesapeake to Pursue Joint MiQ/EO100 Certification

Chesapeake Energy Corporation has announced that it will seek to certify its natural gas across its assets in the Gulf Coast and Appalachia basins. Chesapeake’s goal is to reduce methane intensity to 0.09% by 2025 and achieve net-zero Scope 1 emissions by 2035. Read more here.

Q&A on the State of Certified and Differentiated Gas

Interested in learning more about Responsibly Sourced Gas? Check out part 1 of this brief Q&A with Highwood’s President Thomas Fox, organized by Bridger Photonics. While you’re at it, check out Highwood’s free report on responsibly sourced gas.

Last Chance to Register: Understanding Scope 2 & 3 Emissions (and Scope 1!)

Do you understand Scope 1 emissions and are ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Sign up now for JWN’s Scope 2 & 3 emissions course, hosted by Highwood’s CEO Jessica Shumlich. Register here. If you missed the wildly popular Scope 1 course, we’re offering it again and you can register here.

Conference: CH4 Connections, Colorado, Oct 12-13

Ready for one of the best methane events of the year? This year Highwood is sponsoring CH4 Connections, hosted in Fort Collins by our friends at Gas Technology Institute (GTI). Don’t miss out on this year’s conference! Register here and see you in Colorado.

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