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This week’s Highwood Bulletin covers developments in differentiated gas, investor pressures to lower emissions, advancements in alternative methane detection technologies, and a series of exciting upcoming conferences and workshops that you won’t want to miss. Also, funding opportunities! And we’re hiring!

Trillion Dollar Wealth Fund Looks at O&G Emissions

Norway’s $1.4 trillion Government Pension Fund is the largest wealth fund in the world. Although built on revenues from oil and known colloquially as the ‘Oil Fund’, it has become increasingly wary of investing in the oil and natural gas (O&G) industry. While the fund still invests in select O&G companies, they are monitoring very closely for emissions reduction efforts and climate risk. Many stakeholders want to avoid of O&G altogether. Learn more here.

Exxon to Certify Natural Gas through MiQ

On September 7th, Exxon Mobil announced that it will be certifying natural gas production at a New Mexico facility. If successful, each day, 200 million cubic feet of natural gas will generate certificates that can be sold at a premium to end users willing to pay more for low carbon energy. This move represents a major step forward for differentiated gas and growing willingness to transparently demonstrate emissions reductions. Click here to learn more.

Conference: CH4 Connections, Colorado, Oct 12-13

Ready for one of the best methane events of the year? This year Highwood Emissions Management is sponsoring CH4 Connections, hosted in Fort Collins by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and Colorado State University (CSU). While you’re there, don’t miss Highwood’s Thomas Fox, who will be speaking on a panel called “The Role of Methane Accounting in a Low Carbon World”. Register here and see you in Colorado.

Conference: Highwood’s Thomas Fox Speaks at Global Energy Show

Interested in optimizing leak detection and repair technology selection and deployment by leveraging exciting advances in simulation modeling? Highwood’s Thomas Fox is presenting at this year’s Global Energy Show on Wednesday, September 22nd 2021. Read the abstract here and register by clicking here.

Webinar: Gas Technology Institute Launches Veritas Differentiated Gas Initiative

At Highwood, we are so excited to be working with Gas Technology Institute to build Veritas. What is Veritas? Not much really – just a game-changing global standard that will revolutionize differentiated gas and the disclosure of methane emissions performance. If you’re curious, join us on September 30th, 2021, for a free GTI Tech Talk to learn more. Register now.

Conference Recap: EPA Methane Detection Technologies

On August 24th, 2021, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a 2-day workshop on methane detection technologies in advance of their highly anticipated updated methane rules. Participation in the workshop was unprecedented in the O&G methane sphere, with 1000 registrations. If you missed any of it, including Highwood’s presentation on demonstrating equivalency with open-source model LDAR-Sim, you can watch everything on YouTube. Click here to begin.

Funding Opportunity: Round 3 of NRCan’s $675MM ERF is here!

NRCan has opened a third round of the Emissions Reduction Fund. If you have an emissions reduction project or are looking for potential projects to reduce your emissions, funding is available. Reach out to Highwood to chat through project options, eligibility, or even to perform a comprehensive analysis of what projects fit your particular site needs. Learn more here.

Join our Team! Highwood is Hiring!

Highwood is growing again! If you have experience with GHG emissions quantification and leading teams, and if you want to help us change the world for the better, check out our newest postings (note that we have filled the administrator role).

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