The Highwood Bulletin 023

This week features important regulatory developments in the U.S., an exciting new Alternative LDAR announcement, new developments in responsibly sourced natural gas, new research using methane measurements from space, funding opportunities, and a chance to catch last week’s recorded Methane Strategies Forum.

US Senate Votes to Restore Obama Methane Rules

Before leaving office, former U.S. President Donald Trump rolled back methane regulations introduced by Barack Obama. The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday to reverse the rollback, thereby reinstating the methane rules. Additional methane rules are expected from the Biden administration. Click here to learn more.

New Alternative LDAR Technology Approved in Alberta

Qube Technologies, in partnership with Enhance Energy and Highwood Emissions Management, has been approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator to implement the first-ever alternative fugitive emissions management program using continuous measurement. Qube is a Calgary-based start-up that uses artificial intelligence to detect and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at oil and gas facilities. Learn more here.

Mines Responsible Gas Initiative Announced

The Colorado School of Mines has introduced a responsible gas initiative requiring satellite, aircraft, drone, and continuous measurement. The effort will be led by a group of researchers, industry, and regulators. Click here to learn more.

Kayrros: Appalachian Methane Intensity Exceeds Permian

New data from the European Union’s Sentinel-5P and Sentinel-2 satellites, analyzed by Kayrros, suggests that methane emissions from Appalachia’s Marcellus are higher than the Permian basin. Much of the difference can be attributed to coal production in the Marcellus. Methane intensity remains higher in the Permian, as gas is often a by-product of oil production. Read more here and click here for the press release.

Northeast Natural Energy to Adopt Natural Gas Certifications and Technology

Northeast Natural Energy, a producer of dry gas in West Virginia, is seeking certification through Equitable Origin EO100 Standard for Responsible Energy Development as well as the MiQ methane standard. As part of this effort, it will use the LUMEN Terrain continuous emissions monitoring technology from Avitas (Baker Hughes). Learn more here.

Research: TROPOMI and GOSAT Compared for Methane Measurement

A new study compares global methane retrievals from two different satellites – TROPOMI and GOSAT. Results suggest that methane emissions from oil and gas are declining on the whole but are increasing in south-central U.S. and Venezuela. Read more here.

RFP: BC Top-down Survey and Root Cause Analysis

Interested in running a research program to compare top-down and bottom-up methane emission from the oil and gas industry? Check out this request for proposals from the BC Oil & Gas Methane Emissions Research Collaborative. 

ICYMI: Methane Strategies Forum

Last week, Highwood President Thomas Fox gave a keynote presentation at the Methane Strategies Forum presented by Energy Drone and Robotics Coalition and EnergyNEXT. If you missed the forum, you can click here to listen to the great talks and access the slides!

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