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The Highwood Bulletin is our way of sharing what we learn. We publish regular updates on emissions management news, novel research, and special insights from our team of experts and our partners.


This week’s Highwood Bulletin features regulatory drone based LDAR, problematic flaring, a new global emissions database, methane emissions from gathering lines, a new report on methane satellites, Canadian oilsands net zero efforts, Canada’s federal Methane Strategy, a blog on emissions reconciliation, Highwood’s emissions courses, career opportunities, and the conferences we’ll be attending this fall. Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback!


Approval of First Regulatory Drone-Based Methane Monitoring

SeekOps, Repsol Canada, and Highwood Emissions Management worked together to achieve the world’s first regulatory approval of a drone-based methane leak detection program. The Alternative Fugitive Emissions Management Program (Alt-FEMP) was approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator. Learn more here.


Methane Slip from Flaring is Higher than Expected

A new study has found that gas flaring is only about 95% efficient, on average, and 91% if you account for the impact of unlit flares. Flares are commonly assumed to be 98% efficient. Due to the high warming potential of methane, small discrepancies in flaring efficiency can have a large impact on the climate. Read more here.


Public Fossil Fuel Database Now Available

The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels is a new global public database by Carbon Tracker and Global Energy Monitor. Recently launched, it contains data on emissions, production, and more for 89 countries accounting for 75% of production. Read about it here and access the open-source database here.


Permian Gathering Lines a Major Source of Methane

A new study on methane emissions from gathering pipelines in the Permian basin has found that they emit 2.7 tonnes per year per kilometer of pipeline – 14X more methane that US inventory estimates. Like other parts of the value chain, a small number of leaks account for the majority of emissions. Read about the study here and download it here.


Report: Methane Sensing by Satellite

A new report by the Collaboratory to Advance Methane Science (CAMS) explores the landscape of technologies that are emerging to measure O&G methane emission from space. The report covers 15+ area flux mappers and point source imagers. Download and read the report here.


Report: Oil Sands Net-Zero Action to a Slow Start

A new report by the Pembina Institute questions whether Canada’s oilsands are moving fast enough to achieve their stated net zero targets. The report recommends that Canadian oilsands companies invest more in decarbonization to align with Pathways pledges. Read the report here.


Report: Canada’s Federal Methane Strategy

Canada has launched its federal methane strategy, which intends to reduce Canada’s overall methane emissions by 35% by 2030 (compared to 2020). The strategy covers all major sectors, including O&G, landfills/waste, and agriculture, and is aligned with Canada’s 2050 net-zero target. Read it here.


What is Emissions Reconciliation?

Is anybody else confused about ‘Emissions Reconciliation’ and why it’s required by OGMP 2.0, Veritas, and MiQ? We put together a blog post to help clear the air. Check it out here!


Course: Methane Detection & Quantification Technologies Course

Highwood partners with EvaluateEnergy ESG Learning to deliver live and on demand courses on Scope 1 and Scope 2/3 emissions quantification (both on demand and taught by Highwood’s CEO Jessica Shumlich), and methane detection and quantification technologies (taught live by Highwood’s President Thomas Fox). The next offering of the methane technology course is on February 9th, 2023. If you register now, you can get all 3 courses for a 25% discount! Register here.


Conference: CH4 Connections Methane Emissions Conference

GTI Energy’s CH4 Connections conference will take place on October 20-21, 2022, in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is one of our favourite events and Highwood will definitely be attending! Join us to discuss, learn, and share on everything methane as we connect with friends old and new and continue towards our goal of reducing O&G methane emissions. Highwood’s President (Thomas Fox) and CEO (Jessica Shumlich) will both be speaking. Learn more here.


Conference: PTAC Net Zero Conference & Expo

Speaking of great emissions reduction conferences, join us in Calgary for PTAC’s Net Zero Conference & Expo from October 25-27, 2022 (the week after CH4 Connections). Both Thomas Fox and Jessica Shumlich of Highwood will be speaking. Visit the event page and register here.


Conference: ONE Future Methane & Climate Strategies Event and Awards

Join us in Houston (The Woodlands) from November 2-4, 2022, for the fifth annual ONE Future Methane & Climate Strategies Event and Awards. Highwood’s President, Thomas Fox, will be speaking on The Value of Going Beyond Regulatory Emissions Reduction Requirements. The conference will focus on environmental & regulatory issues, policy, investor relations, use cases, and technological advancements across the natural gas supply chain. Learn more and register here.


Join our Team! Highwood is Hiring!

We currently have multiple exciting career postings on our website. In addition to those listed, Highwood is always looking for bright folks who want to help us change the world for the better. If you have experience in greenhouse gas emissions management and you’re looking for a career change, please reach out! Check out our active opportunities on our website by clicking here.


Want to Write for the Bulletin?

We’re always looking for guest writers who would like to contribute a Feature Article to the Highwood Bulletin. Please reach out if you’d like to write an unbiased, apolitical, solution-agnostic article for our ~1500 subscribers and ~4500 LinkedIn followers on an emissions management topic. Please reach out to [email protected] with your idea. Authors are fully credited and have a profile page on our website (we are happy to backlink).

The Highwood Bulletin is our way of sharing what we learn. We publish regular updates on emissions management news, novel research, and special insights from our team of experts and our partners.

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